When you think about military-related injuries, you might think of PTSD, amputations, or bullet wounds, but one of those on-the-job hazards is virtually invisible.

It’s loud.

Soldiers are constantly exposed to loud environments like heavy machine gun fire, roaring engine rooms, and the risk of IED explosions.

They don’t have the option of leaving these areas, and oftentimes they’re exposed to such loud environments without proper hearing protection.

That’s why it is no surprise that hearing loss and tinnitus are one of the top reported service-related disabilities.

In order to get help from the VA, veterans must prove their hearing loss or tinnitus stems from their time in the service.

Here’s where an audiologist can help.

Dr. Judy Huch tests veterans’ hearing for the VA to document that they have sustained some type of hearing loss during their time in service.

With proper documentation, these tests can help change their VA designation which can help them get the benefits they need.

It’s her way to say thank you to those who serve, and make sure they don’t slip through the cracks.

Contact the office to learn more about the program and for Saturday openings.


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