Is it just me, or are people getting into the holiday spirit a little earlier this year? Among all this excitement, I still try to slow down and appreciate time with family and friends.

It is common for us to get busy with hearing aid checks before the holiday season.

A survey performed in 2020 discovered that 50% of families celebrate the holidays with a friend or family member with hearing loss, and 30% of those friends wear hearing aids. I’m here to let you know everything we discuss during a hearing aid check before the holidays! At Oro Valley Audiology, we want to ensure you are hearing your best!

“I’ll be going over to a family member’s house for the holidays, and I remember I didn’t get my hearing aids cleaned before the holidays last year. I don’t want to make that mistake again!

Sometimes, a simple cleaning can drastically improve the sound quality of your devices. After the cleaning, we also look inside your ears to ensure they’re not impacted with wax and remove the wax if you are!

“I would like a few adjustments. I couldn’t understand my niece the last time I saw her.”

During your appointment, we will discuss any problems you’ve noticed with your hearing aids. Hearing aid technology is complex—with dozens of settings and adjustments. We can optimize these settings to fit your specific requests.

“Can you remind me how to turn the volume down? We have a large family, and it tends to get loud at get-togethers.”

During your check-up, we can review how to use the app on your phone to adjust your hearing aid in real time. Some apps can connect your hearing aids to your smartphone —and are completely free! Enjoy the ease of changing the volume, adjusting programs, or using special microphone features with the push of a button!

“You mentioned a little microphone when I was fitted with my hearing aids. Is that still available?”

Some of our patients enjoy their remote microphones. They can place it anywhere in their location, and it will transmit the signal wirelessly to their hearing aid. Other accessories compatible with your hearing aids can provide a better listening experience. Call us to learn more specifics regarding your brand and model!

“I put my hearing aids in for Thanksgiving. I don’t feel they help much because I hear too much.”

Wearing your hearing aids should be routine. The average user should wear them during all waking hours—generally around 12 hours. The more you wear your hearing aids, the more you exercise your auditory system and prepare for more difficult hearing environments like Thanksgiving. If the hearing aids are only worn in complex listening environments, it is often too overwhelming for your brain to process too much information simultaneously.

Last but not least, if you’re traveling the road, don’t forget to bring your hearing aid’s batteries or charger! I almost always get this question around the holiday season!

We hope you and your family can create fond memories this holiday season. ‘Tis the season for spending time with loved ones, counting blessings, and being thankful for what we have!

You deserve to hear your best for the holidays. If you would like to schedule an appointment before the hustle-bustle of the season, please contact our office at 520-825-4770. Or, if you or your family member is concerned about hearing loss, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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