Hearing Aids

Choosing the right hearing aids makes all the difference.

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Hearing Aid Fittings

Choosing the right hearing aids makes all the difference. We offer the latest in hearing aid technology and use real ear measurements so you know what devices will fit you best, work for your hearing loss, and allow you to maintain the lifestyle you enjoy. You can also choose a package that will include more comprehensive care for your hearing aids, like cleanings, battery replacement, follow-up appointments, and more.

Ear Molds & Ear Plugs

Noise exposure is one of the leading causes of hearing loss. Whether it’s sudden or over a long period of time, keeping your ears protected from loud noises can keep hearing loss from worsening or occurring in the first place.

Instead of buying generic, one-size-fits-most approach, we can make sure your ear molds fit your ears perfectly. We can design and fit ear molds or ear plugs for exactly what you need.

Ear Protection for Musicians

Musicians suffer not just from hearing loss but also a ringing in their ears and various pitch-perception problems. Depending on the quality of the fit and length of the ear canal, a custom fit in-ear monitor will generally provide somewhere between 25 and 35 dB of noise reduction.

Ear Protection for Hunters

A gunshot can create 140-190 dB, depending on the weapon. Anything over 85 dB leaves you vulnerable to hearing loss. Hunting plugs use a filter which instantaneously closes when damaging noise levels are reached.

Ear Protection for Construction Workers

There are over 39 million people in the workforce right now who experience hearing loss. Make sure you are protected on the job.