Your brain receives sounds from your ears and converts them into meaning. Hearing loss may be quite taxing since your brain constantly works to fill in the blanks left by the noises you can’t hear. Fortunately, Oticon’s new BrainHearing  Technology enables your brain to function more efficiently.

As part of Oro Valley Audiology’s efforts to provide the best hearing improvement, we partner with only the top and most trusted hearing aid brands in the market. 

We are an authorized provider of Oticon hearing aids and BrainHearing technology in Oro Valley, AZ.

How do we hear from our brains?

The auditory nerve, which is attached to the auditory center of the brain, receives electrical signals from the microscopic hair cells in the inner ear. The auditory center interprets these electrical impulses as sound. The brain converts the impulses into audible sounds that we are familiar with.

The brain stem is responsible for receiving and transmitting signals to the rest of the brain. Any damage or disruption to the brain stem can lead to hearing loss.

Why does better brain health matter?

It will be more challenging for you to comprehend what others are saying as well as what’s going on around you if your brain doesn’t receive the necessary sound information.

When there is a gap between your ears and the brain, a hearing issue develops into a brain issue, which develops into a life issue.

Better brain health means:

  • Re-connecting with family and friends
  • Enjoying social events
  • Improved hearing in background noise
  • Less listening fatigue
  • Improved disposition and relationships

If your brain doesn’t receive enough sound, what happens?

When you have hearing loss, insufficient or poor-quality sound information from your ears reaches your brain.

Because of this, it is much more difficult for the brain to be oriented in the environment, which makes it difficult to concentrate on what is crucial. As a result, it would be very straining on your brain as it struggles to interpret your environment. 

If this continues, the brain will have less mental energy available for other equally important aspects, such as remembering. This is why untreated hearing loss is usually associated with cognitive decline, dementia, and memory loss.

Oticon Hearing Aid

Understanding speech in loud settings where numerous individuals are speaking at once is the largest issue for those with hearing loss. Through BrainHearing technology, Oticon hearing aids allows you to participate actively in challenging listening conditions, exactly like people with normal hearing. 

These hearing aids have been tried and tested to give even greater speech understanding with less effort in loud surroundings than the previous generation of hearing aids.

Oticon’s BrainHearing Technology

Although sound is collected by your ears, it is actually understood by your brain. In addition to helping you prevent many other health issues, good hearing keeps your brain healthy for the rest of your life. This implies that good hearing is good for the brain and this is the reason why Oticon created BrainHearing technology for its hearing devices.

Brain Hearing in Oro Valley, AZ

Are you ready to enjoy a better hearing experience through brain hearing technology? We’re here to help! 

Oro Valley Audiology offers exclusive brain hearing benefits through Oticon hearing aids. 

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