Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon Opn

Opn is changing more people’s lives with a new world of sound, helping them open up to the world like never before. Oticon Opn is the first hearing aid proven to work in harmony with the brain to help people hear better with less effort and to remember more of what is being said.


Never worry about fidgeting with small batteries again—that’s up to 150–200 batteries a year. Rechargeable batteries can be replaced with disposable batteries, giving you the most flexibility.

Tinnitus Support

Oticon Opn with Tinnitus SoundSupport™ helps you take back control and manage the symptoms of tinnitus — and experience the benefits of open sound. Tinnitus SoundSupport offers a variety of relief sounds, including popular ocean-like sounds that can be customized for each user.

360o Soundscape

Confidently engage with the world around you with 360o hearing.

Connect to Your Devices

Not only does Opn allow you to connect to your smart phone and listen to your TV and music directly thorough your hearing instruments, Opn opens up a new world of opportunities by being able to connect to other smart devices through the Internet. The Oticon ON App allows you to adjust volume, switch programs and more.

8 Colors

Elegant and discreet, Oticon Opn is available in 8 different colors to blend with your skin tone and hair color, or you can select a stylish accent color of your choice.

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  • Connect Line TV 3 (goes with Opn)
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Learn More About Oticon

More About Oticon Hearing Aids

Hearing aids have come a long way! Digital change the landscape in the 1990s and now wireless technology that connects our hearing aids to other accessories such as mobile phones, the internet, TV, IFTTT and more create endless possibilities. The innovation is only limited to the current technology, which as we know with computers, there is a doubling in processing power and decrease in chip size every 18 months. Now hearing aids change our life experience for the better. We are able to help those with tinnitus with the types of management programs that can be used. The Audiologist has more technology to help the brain have the information is lost when the hearing loss occurred. The ears just pick up the sound, we need to get the information to the brain to process. If we treat a hearing loss early we are able to change the brain and decrease the chance of cognitive decline down the road. Better hearing means better communication and in turn a better, fuller life. Don’t wait until you are missing most of the conversation around you, there are many types of styles and colors that will fit with your lifestyle today. Hearing aids are also designed to help pediatric patients who legally can not be fit without an audiologist. Stay healthy and help your hearing today!

What Makes Oticon Great

Oticon is part of a holding of William Demont, which has been operating for over 100 years. They have research extensively on delivering the best sound through their hearing aids as well as how best to communicate. Oticon was one of the first companies to connect the hearing aids with smartphones. Over the years this connection has happened with direct to iPhone, but includes accessories that can connect to Android as well. Oticon has been a leader in providing a speech signal in all types of situations, noise and quiet. The provide hearing aids at all price points and they all can connect to the iPhone in some capacity.

Oticon Technologies

Oticon has some of the best technologically advanced hearing aids because of the research the put behind them. The research happens at Eriksholm Research Center in Denmark focusing on cognitive hearing science, social hearing science and augmented hearing science. Oticon also has helped support Ida Institute to better study and educate on communication strategies for everyone, hearing loss or not. Oticon has gone beyond the hearing aid itself and incorporated the whole human, especially the brain. Cognition plays a primary role on how well individuals succeed with hearing aids and Oticon has been a leader in the study and adaptation of the brain with hearing loss.

How Oticon Devices Handle The Environment

Oticon uses OpenSound Navigator ™ technology which uses very fast processing to help users localize themselves in their environment. This type of processing has helped people hear better in noisy situations with less fatigue as they experience with their hearing loss unaided. It also helps support speech in all situations for the consumer.

The Oticon App

Oticon ON, the patient app enables the user to interact with other Internet-connected devices and services. You can track battery life, switch on your lights or home thermostat or that someone is at your door. The possibilities are endless with other technologies with this new VeloxS ™ platform.

Features That Benefit You

The ability to connect to the Internet of Things (IoT), a way to alert you or a loved one that the batteries are running low, or someone is ringing the doorbell. Don’t want to change batteries? The OpNS line has rechargeable batteries that last all day long even if you are streaming from your Smartphone. OpenSound Booster helps focus on speech rather than nonspeech sounds in a noisy environment. Twinlink wireless communication which helps the hearing aids “talk” to each other to give the user the ability to hear around them better. These hearing aids are available in all styles, but some features are not available in the smallest of hearing aids.

Oticon & Your Health

Understanding speech and sounds around us with a hearing loss is exhausting! Treating your hearing loss not only helps get us out of isolation and form better relationships, it helps us FEEL better. We are not as tired after going out to have dinner in a restaurant because we are trying to figure out what everyone is saying. Hearing speech and communicating is at the heart of good relationships! Giving your brain information and keeping it active is one of the most healthy and easiest things we can do for ourselves. So treat your hearing loss and get out and move because exercise is just as important!

Features For Your Life

Oticon hearing aids with Bluetooth capability are made of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch which allows the user to stream audio directly to their hearing aids. If the Smartphone is an Android then a Connect Clip is needed to direct stream from Android to the hearing aids. The Connect Clip has another amazing function though and is a direct microphone that can send audio material to the hearing aids. In a noisy location just clip the mic onto the person you want to listen to lapel and their speech comes in MUCH more clear. OpenSound Navigator ™ technology helps users interact with multiple speakers while significantly reducing their listening effort. This helps people participate more fully in life.

The Oticon Difference

Oticon was one of the first hearing aid manufacturers to incorporate brain learning into how they programmed and engineered their product. They were one of the first to break into digital technology, streaming and having an app to download for the consumer to give them more personal choice. We live in a noisy, complicated world, Oticon continues to automate its function so those with hearing loss can just put in their hearing aids and be as “natural” as possible, but also let them chose how much they want to be involved in their hearing programming journey.