Better hearing begins with your brain

Treating your hearing loss reduces your risk of dementia.

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Say goodbye to struggling for clarity.

The sounds your ears receive are sent to your brain, which translates them into meaning. With hearing loss your brain tries to fill in the gaps of the sounds you don’t hear and this process can make hearing loss very exhausting. Thankfully, new BrainHearing ™ Technology helps your brain work smarter not harder.

Better brain health means…

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Many of today’s hearing aids use narrow directionality to help block out external sounds. This leads to an under-stimulation of the brain and ultimately to less enjoyable and effective social interactions. OPN hearing aids are able to process sound more efficiently. The result is a clear sound that delivers a rich acoustic experience. This full soundscape empowers the brain to choose what it wants to focus on, improving speech clarity while simultaneously reducing the amount of required mental effort.