ReSound Hearing Aids

ReSound LiNX 3D

ReSound LiNX 3D is the latest and most advanced digital hearing aid. With ReSound LiNX 3D you’ll be better at identifying speech in noise and be able to hear more sounds around you. You can use your hearing aids like wireless headphones. And you’ll get a brand new dimension of control over your hearing aids.

The finest sound available

Surround Sound by ReSound means you’ll hear 360 degrees of sound. Now you no longer have to turn your head or position yourself to hear the person who’s speaking.

Control your hearing aids from your smartphone

The ReSound Smart 3D app lets you turn the volume up and down or pick a setting designed for your location, right from your smartphone. You can personalize your sound to make your hearing aids perform the way you want them to.

Stream sound directly from your iPhone to your hearing aid

ReSound LiNX 3D makes it easy to talk on the telephone or use FaceTime®. You can stream calls from your iPhone® directly to your ReSound LiNX 3D smart hearing aid.

Fine-tune your hearing aids

Even though the first fitting will always take place in the clinic, your hearing care professional can update settings on your ReSound LiNX 3D without an office visit.

Choose your style and color

ReSound LiNX 3D comes in a full range of styles and colors. ReSound LiNX 3D is available in whatever form of hearing aid suits you best.

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Learn More About ReSound Hearing Aids

About ReSound Hearing Aids

The parent company of Resound is GN Store Nord which in originated in 1943 and had acquired Resound in the late 1990s. This company is now represented in 80 countries around the world. GN Resound strives to be experts in solutions for people to hear more and do more than you ever imagined. They try to create a natural listening experience for all of their hearing aid users to effortlessly follow conversations.

ReSound Technology

GN Resound has 4 cornerstones of Smart Hearing Technology:

  1. Audiology, bringing sound to life in a way they forget they have hearing loss
  2. Connectivity including wireless technology that make the hearing aids the best headphones the user will ever have
  3. Apps that make it easier than ever for users to make their hearing aid experience personalized and
  4. Modern design that are discreet and comfortable but easy to use

ReSound & The Environment

Building upon previous upgrades, GN Resound hearing aids are innovative in using the full microphone range allowing sound to be processed in a distortion free way. The Quattro gives the brain a larger range so the user can detect difference nuances in tones that were previously unavailable.

ReSound App

GN Resound has several different apps depending on the type of hearing aid and if tinnitus management is needed for the user. All of the apps are compatible with iPhone and the latest Quattro devices can be connected directly to Android (please refer to for compatibility with Android phones) When you are able to stream, your hearing aids are the best headphones available!

Features That Benefit You

Brilliant Sound experience gives the user more access to sounds in their environment. Upgraded microphones give crisp clear sound, free of distortion. Processing music due to the upgraded microphone and brilliant sound technique is superior for musical effecianatos. The connection to both Apple and Android (such as Pixel, Samsung Galaxy and more) helps those who already have a smartphone. The Quattro chip gives 100% more speed with twice the memory capacity as previous models making the performance excel with reduced power consumption.

ReSound & Your Health

Hearing loss is a challenge that is growing exponentially worldwide. It affects nearly one in three people over the age of 65. Hearing is essential for us to communicate, socialize, learn, work and be entertained. When these things are taken away, people start to isolate themselves which then leads to isolation, depression, increased hospitalizations and cognitive issues. When we treat hearing loss early we can create richer fuller lives, keep people out of the hospital (because they hear their health providers better and follow advice better) and keep their brains healthy with information they were missing due to their hearing loss. If we do not focus on personal well-being and assisting public health we are creating a world of decreased quality and therefor quantity of life.

Features For Your Life

GN Resound gives a richer sound quality and full streaming capabilities from smartphones, TV and other devices. Within the apps users are able to personalize their sound settings to find the perfect blend for speech clarity and comfort. GN Resound works to get the user back to the life they remember.

The ReSound Apart

Microphones that are able to pick up more sound for the hearing aid to deliver to the brain which helps detect speech cues and music signals. Full Streaming in Stereo from smart devices even with custom hearing aids. Rechargeable batteries that help give enough wear time during the day even with streaming from the user. Flexibility through the app to change programs and volume settings if the user would like more control.