Hearing loss resources for veterans.

Oro Valley Audiology values and respects the work of our veterans. That’s why we provide resources and services to help veterans regain hearing or manage related hearing loss concerns.


Committed to serving our veterans with excellence and care.

Oro Valley Audiology is Southern Arizona’s only audiology provider credentialed with Quality, Timeliness, Customer Service (QTC), a third-party coordinator for the VA that ensures veterans get the service and care they need.

Our staff is invested in the health and wellness of our veterans because they know and care about their own friends and family members who have served in the military. They will treat every veteran they see with the same respect and care.

Helping veterans maintain their hearing health.

Oro Valley provides a variety of services for veterans through QTC and through private insurance providers.

  • Hearing evaluations
  • Hearing aid fittings
  • Ear molds & ear plugs
  • Pre-employment examinations
  • Wellness & preventative examinations
  • Post-employment examinations

Getting Started

1. Get involved with the VA

In order to be referred to us through the QTC, you first have to get involved with the VA.

2. Request Oro Valley Audiology at QTC

If you live in the Oro Valley and Tucson areas, you can request to get examined at Oro Valley.

3. Start services

We have a variety of services that will allow you to get back to living the life you love!

Not involved with QTC? We have other options.

We are proud to serve our veterans, which is why our services are covered by a wide umbrella of private insurance providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is QTC?

Quality, Timeliness, Customer Service (QTC) is a third-party coordinator for the VA. The agency is responsible for setting up appointments for veterans at any type of provider. Once appointments are complete, they compile reports and send them back to the VA for processing.

How do I sign up for QTC?

You do not sign up with QTC. Veterans’ cases are assigned to various providers like QTC so veterans like you can get services faster.

How do I get involved with QTC?

You will need to start with the VA. Once you get into the VA system, you will be assigned to one of several 3rd party coordinators. There is no guarantee you will be placed with QTC.

I am already involved in the QTC and want to go to Oro Valley Audiology. How do I do that?

You can request Oro Valley Audiology as your hearing healthcare provider; however, QTC and the VA are under strict guidelines to get Veterans scheduled within a certain timeline. 

If our schedule doesn’t permit us to get a veteran into the office within their timeline, QTC will find the next provider no matter the distance.

I am involved with the VA, not the QTC, but I want to go to Oro Valley Audiology. How do I do that?

Oro Valley Audiology currently only takes Veteran referrals from QTC, not the VA.

If you have not been placed with QTC and cannot request Oro Valley as your hearing healthcare provider, you can still use our services outside of VA benefits.

Can I take advantage of your services outside QTC and the VA?

Yes! You can be seen at Oro Valley Audiology outside of your VA benefits. Any testing or appointments would be run through your personal insurance or paid out of pocket.

Are you able to bill the VA for services rendered?

We are unable to bill the VA for services rendered.