What to expect on your first visit.

We know your first appointment can be intimidating but it shouldn’t feel that way. Here is what you can expect during your first visit to Oro Valley Audiology.

Our Process

Your First Visit.

Our goal is ensure your are as comfortable as possible during your first visit at Oro Valley Audiology so we can focus on finding a hearing solution that’s right for you.

Step 1: Bring a Friend or Family Member

This step is not mandatory, but bringing a friend or family member can help you feel more comfortable. They can also help ask questions, take notes, and remember what you learned.

Step 2: Come To Our Office Early

Coming 15 minutes early for your appointment so you have plenty of time to fill out paperwork and ask any questions before your appointment with your audiologist. You can also fill out your case history online before you arrive.

Step 3: Help Us Get To Know You

During your wait, we’ll ask you to share some details about your contact information, insurance providers, medical history and medication, and the hearing issues you are experiencing.

Step 4: Meet With Your Audiologist

The best part of your journey so far! You’ll meet your audiologist and head back to one of our comfortable, welcoming examination rooms to begin the hearing evaluation process and hearing aid fitting.

Your Case History

Accurately filling out your case history is an important part of your first visit with Oro Valley Audiology. Because we work with your medical team to uncover health issues that are related to your hearing health, we will need to know the full picture. This includes any recent surgeries, diganosed medical issues, and any OTC and prescribed medicine you take. All of this information will help us determine if they are factors in your hearing health and balance.

Knowing your complete health and working with your other medical health providers ensures more balanced health care!

What To Expect - Oro Valley Audiology

The Hearing Evaluation Process

After you meet your audiologist, we check your ear canals to check for ear wax, blockages, or any other problems with your ear canal or ear drum. Once we’ve determined there are no issues here, we move on to four other ear exams.

Otoacoustic Emmissions

This exam takes place in a soundproof room so we can check inner ear haircell function.

Participation Exam

We'll ask you to respond when you hear sounds at different frequencies (low and high pitches) and volumes.

Middle Ear Function

Here, we determine if anything is inhibiting the motion of your eardrum including fluid, an infection, or Eustachian tube dysfunction.

Speech Discrimation

We'll measure how you process speech by asking you to repeat different words or phrases in quiet and noisy settings.

Schedule An Appointment

Let’s make a plan together.


Get Personal Recommendation

Based on your hearing examination and our discussion, we'll provide you with a recommendation that we think will fit your lifestyle and needs.

Discuss Options

If we discover hearing loss during your appointment, we will discuss the best way to move forward so you can get back to the life you love. During this stage, we will address any questions or concerns you might have about your next steps.

Get Fit with a Hearing Aid

If you decide on hearing aids, we'll make impressions of your ears and schedule a fitting appointment to ensure the most comfortable device possible.
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