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Unitron is moving beyond the words to help people capture the deeper meaning in conversations. Their unique sound technology helps people understand who is talking, where the voices are coming from, what intonation they’re using, and what their underlying emotions are.

Plus, their new sound features help you hear better in noisy environments and make even the softest-spoken people easier to understand.

Identifies environments as accurately as a 20-year-old

You can hear your best across all listening situations with  SoundNav 3.0 and can enjoy life-enriching media with the help of MediaNav. Years of training our algorithms with machine learning mean this feature can identify life’s ever-changing soundscapes just like a young, normal-hearing listener would.

More voices. Less noise

Provide clear speech, reduced noise, and overall sound quality that’s comfortably balanced in any environment with
Sound Conductor. And make the subtle nuances of speech more pronounced so everyone – even soft-spoken people – are easier to understand with our new soft speech lift feature.

Hear speech with amazing clarity – even in noise

Address your need to hear better in noisy environments with SpeechPro. It uses binaural cues to know where speech is coming from and enhances it beyond what a typical hearing instrument can do. A new fourth dimension of SpeechPro, Spectral Speech, was designed to help you better understand words and emotions in complex listening situations.

Put sounds in their place

You can enjoy a realistic sound experience because sounds can be acoustically separated and perceived in their accurate locations. This is thanks to Spatial Awareness, which brings back natural localization cues with an innovative 4 microphone strategy.

Hearing Aids

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  • Insera


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What Makes Unitron Great

Unitron hearing aids take a very unique outlook with their product line. Once they type of hearing aid and hardware choices are selected, the aids can be programmed to any technology level. Many times, wearers are not exactly sure of what environments they are in, such as noise level or if speech is the primary signal, but the circuit’s data log is able to track and suggest which technology is most appropriate for the user. If at some point the user wants to upgrade technology, they pay for the upgrade but do not have to switch out the physical hearing aid (only available on some models). This is a very economical way to upgrade without having to buy a brand new set of hearing aids, and Unitron is the only manufacturer who offers this type of service.

Unitron Technologies

Direct connections to technology are also included in Unitron’s latest algorithm computer chipped device. This includes hands-free phone calls, video calls, and stereo media streaming to both ears on all phones, including Android and iPhone, with nothing in between. Wearers can use 2 Bluetooth devices (phones and tablets) as well as 2 TV connectors so moving to different rooms or houses is not as challenging as in previous designs.

How Unitron Devices Handle The Environment

Unitron focuses on speech understanding in noise, including the softer sounds of speech, without being overwhelming for the user. Unitron uses what they term Automatic Adaptation Manager (AAM), which brings the comfort of sounds to new wearers then automatically transitions to be more focused on speech frequencies. This way, users gradually adapt to sounds they have not heard for many years in some instances. The technology continues to learn different and ever-changing sound environments without bringing in more noise. Unitron has also included an innovative 4-microphone strategy to help with localization and help the wearer know where they are in the “space” of their hearing environment.

The Unitron App

The Remote Plus app with Discover Next gives users helpful tips and advice that add to counseling from your Audiologist. The wearer can also make some adjustments to low, medium, and high pitches as well as overall volume in Unitron’s TrueFit software and manage the balance between listening to media and hearing in the environment. There are also how-to videos to enrich your experience so you know when to call your Audiologist for more advanced help.

Features That Benefit You

If the end-user is unsure of if they need higher-end technology, they need not worry that they have to buy new hearing aids to get the more complex technology. Unitron is able to upgrade the technology within the current housing as long as it is a FlexFit, which is only used by Unitron. There are different choices for housing to be distinctive of the user, such as rechargeable batteries, battery size (which impacts the size of the housing), power of receivers that can be updated if the hearing changes, and telecoil inclusion. Custom devices can connect with TV and remotes but do need an intermediate device to stream to phones and tablets.

Unitron & Your Health

Keeping hearing aids in the users’ ears is top of mind with Unitron. In the 2020 Lancet Report, finding help with even mild hearing loss is one way to keep the brain healthy. Unitron utilizes better rechargeability where a complete charge offers 24 hours of uninterrupted use–if streaming, that brings usage to 16 hours (assuming 8 of that is streaming), which is better than most instruments in this class. Signal processing, which helps keep comfort as well as better speech understanding, helps the user accept sounds that have been missing and therefore give the best information to the brain to process. Reconnecting with loved ones also helps with decreasing depression and social isolation, which negatively impacts our lives.

The Unitron Difference

Having a true Bluetooth connection with the hearing aids, more devices can be paired with Unitron hearing aids than ever before. The sound is connected to one ear but with patented design the sound is distributed in stereo to both, giving excellent sound quality. The voice of the wearer is picked up by the other hearing aid so the user can truly be hands-free when speaking on the phone.