One of the main factors contributing to hearing loss is noise exposure. Keeping your ears safe from loud noises helps prevent hearing loss from developing or worsening, whether it happens suddenly or gradually.

At Oro Valley Audiology, we can ensure that your ear molds exactly fit your ears. If you need highly specific and customized hearing protection, skip the generic ear molds. Our audiologists are trained to fit and customize ear plugs or ear molds in Tortolita, AZ.

Ear plugs and ear molds

Earplugs are one of the most common types of hearing protection. They can be as simple as single-use foam plugs or as sophisticated as customized ear molds. They can be built with filters to exclude loud noises while allowing gentle and moderate sounds to get through.

Ear Protection for Musicians

In addition to hearing loss, musicians frequently experience ringing in the ears and different issues with pitch perception. The amount of noise reduction offered by a custom-fit in-ear monitor will typically range from 25 to 35 dB, depending on the fit’s precision and ear canal length.

Musicians are frequently exposed to loud sounds, hence, wearing hearing protection is necessary. However, musicians need specialized hearing protection that will not just lower the decibels to a safe level but will maintain the integrity of sound as well so as not to alter their craft.

Ear protection for Hunters

Depending on the weapon, a gunshot can produce 140–190 dB. Any noise level above 85 dB puts you at risk for hearing damage. A filter used in hunting plugs instantly closes when harmful noise levels are reached.

Hunters who use specialized or more sophisticated hearing protection can communicate and hear wildlife without taking the gadgets off.

More high-end gadgets may be customized to detect specific sounds (speech, animal sounds) while simultaneously shielding the user from harsh noises (gunshots).

Ear Protection for Construction Workers

High noise exposure at work is the main factor in occupational hearing loss and damage. Loud sounds might harm your hearing permanently. This can involve both brief exposure to extremely loud noises and prolonged exposure to noisy environments.

Construction workers, or any other workers who are constantly exposed to loud sounds and noises need to wear the correct hearing protection to prevent hearing damage. Ear protection for construction workers functions by sealing off the air channel to prevent noise from entering the ears. 

Why is it crucial to safeguard your hearing?

Loud noises can harm your inner ear’s delicate tissues, leading to tinnitus and noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). Your hearing might be damaged faster with louder sounds. Once hearing loss is present, it is almost always impossible to reverse it, hence, it’s much better to prevent hearing loss from happening.

Ear Molds in Tortolita, AZ

Oro Valley Audiology provides custom ear protection and ear molds in Tortolita, AZ, and nearby locations. We offer more advanced and highly specialized hearing protection for occupational or leisure purposes.

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What Is Hearing Loss Costing You?

What moments and conversations are missing because of hearing loss? How many dinners do you avoid? How many social gatherings do you turn down? How hard is it to communicate? It’s time to do something about your hearing so you can enjoy and live your best life!