In its most basic form, hearing aids use a microphone to capture sound, which is then digitally processed before being sent to the ear through a speaker, otherwise known as a receiver. Each hearing aid has a computer chip that changes the sound that enters the ear according to a predetermined algorithm or prescription. The majority of hearing aids that an audiologist fits have intricate prescriptions that are established and decided during the hearing test.

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Different Styles of Hearing Aids

Hearing aids come in many styles, and with each style come various features and technology.

Below are the most common styles of hearing aids:

  • Completely in the canal
  • In the canal
  • In the ear
  • Behind the ear
  • Receiver in canal or receiver in the ear
  • Open fit 

An audiologist is the best person to recommend the ideal hearing aid style that can address your specific hearing needs.

Hearing Aid Features

Aside from the basic hearing device, hearing aids may come with additional features and accessories. Below are the most common hearing aid features that you need to be familiar with:

Remote Microphones

Hearing aid wearers who need to hear a specific person in noise (i.e meetings, conferences, dinner parties, etc) may benefit from a remote microphone. Most remote microphones can be linked wirelessly to compatible devices. 

This microphone may be placed close to the user’s mouth (similar to a TV newscaster’s lapel mike) and send sound directly to the wearer of hearing aids. More people who have a lot of difficulty hearing in noisy situations need to utilize it as it eliminates the space and noise between listener and speaker.

Directional Microphones

Hearing aids with a directional microphone include two microphones: a forward-facing one and a backward-facing one. You may adjust the direction of hearing using directional microphones so that you can hear everything around the room or be more focused on a specific person or item, as needed.


The most cost-effective method for getting a group of people to hear via an amplified system is a telecoil. A unique copper coil must be used to “loop” the room, sending a magnetic signal across the space that the hearing aid may pick up using its “telecoil” setting. 

The telecoil has an impact on the hearing aid’s size, although it should be included in the majority of fits as more locations are being looped. For the benefit of lawmakers and voters, Arizona’s Senate and House floors are telecoil-friendly. The Loft Cinema movie theaters, the Marana Town Council, and some churches located across the community are also looped.

Hearing Aids in Catalina, AZ

Hearing aids play a big role in improving one’s quality of life. Hearing loss doesn’t have to restrict you from living your best life and achieving your goals. At Oro Valley Audiology, we aim to give our patients our all-out support in their hearing health journey, starting with providing access to the best hearing aids in Catalina, AZ.

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