Taking the appropriate actions to address hearing loss will help you not only hear, but LIVE your best. At Oro Valley Audiology, we assess your hearing, the causes of your hearing loss, and the general health of your ear using thorough hearing examinations. In order to give specialized care, our doctors of audiology perform accurate hearing evaluations.

What is included in a comprehensive hearing evaluation?

To better address your hearing needs and compensate for your hearing loss, audiologists need to get the most comprehensive data about your hearing status. The best way to do that is by conducting a series of hearing evaluations.

Hearing tests consist of various tests that determine resting middle ear pressure, eardrum mobility, eardrum compliance, and how the whole auditory system works in transmitting sound from the external source.

Hearing exams evaluate a person’s capacity for both loudness and pitch perception. To determine the severity and root causes of hearing issues, the data are plotted on a graph (an audiogram). Speech discrimination tests and pure tone audiometry are among the tests available.

Can Tinnitus be detected by a hearing test?

Yes, but it depends on the hearing test. Our hearing tests at Oro Valley Audiology are specifically designed to detect conditions like tinnitus and other audiological conditions aside from hearing loss. 

We offer a specialized tinnitus evaluation to help identify the type and severity of tinnitus and come up with a treatment plan to help you manage it. 

Telehealth at Mesa, AZ

Oro Valley Audiology offers Telehealth services, enabling our office to serve your needs from the comfort of your home! We work with a HIPAA-compliant system that helps us protect your privacy in online appointments and consultations.

Hearing Test in Mesa, AZ

When worried about your hearing health, the best persons to see are licensed audiologists. Hearing issues can be treated by an audiologist thanks to their education and expertise. They have received extensive instruction in every facet of hearing and balance.

To know more about hearing tests in Mesa, AZ, contact Oro Valley Audiology. Our audiologists are more than happy to help you get started on your journey to better hearing.

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What Is Hearing Loss Costing You?

What moments and conversations are missing because of hearing loss? How many dinners do you avoid? How many social gatherings do you turn down? How hard is it to communicate? It’s time to do something about your hearing so you can enjoy and live your best life!