Tinnitus is commonly referred to as a sound that has no external source and is usually heard by the person experiencing this condition. It is commonly reported to manifest as a ringing, thumping, buzzing, or pulsing sound. 

Exposure to loud noises and hearing loss is the most frequent cause of tinnitus, although it can also be brought on by other medical problems and drugs. Tinnitus is usually not a serious condition, but if it starts abruptly and loudly, you should see an ENT, your primary care physician, or an audiologist as soon as possible.

Oro Valley Audiology offers expert audiology services for individuals experiencing tinnitus in Saddlebrook, AZ, and nearby locations.

How common is tinnitus?

According to the US Centers for Disease Control, about 50 million Americans (almost 15% of the overall population) suffer from tinnitus in some form. Around 2 million people have severe and immobilizing forms of tinnitus, which affects an estimated 20 million people. 

In light of this, it is safe to state that you are most certainly not alone if you are scared or concerned about your tinnitus journey.

Tinnitus noises, which some people sometimes refer to as phantom noise, can range in pitch from a loud roar to a high shriek and can be heard in one or both ears. When the sound is heard loud enough, it can sometimes make it difficult to concentrate or hear above background noise. 

Tinnitus might be present all the time or it can come and go. It’s critical to understand the kind and severity of your tinnitus so your audiologist can accurately come up with management techniques to help you overcome tinnitus.

2 Types of Tinnitus

In the process of diagnosing tinnitus, it is vital to document if the noise is consistent or intermittent, what noises you have recently been around, any new medications you are taking, including over-the-counter treatments, and the foods and beverages you have ingested. 

Tinnitus can categorized in two:

  • Subjective (when you are the sole person hearing the sound). Problems with the auditory nerves or the area of the brain that interprets nerve impulses as sound may be the culprit. This is the most common type of tinnitus. 
  • Objective (where the sound can really be heard or quantified by an audiologist or healthcare professional). This is a rare type of tinnitus. It can be brought on by a problem with the middle ear bone, a heart or blood artery issue, or muscular spasms. Objective tinnitus needs further evaluation because it could be connected to a more serious health problem that needs immediate medical attention.

Tinnitus in Saddlebrook, AZ

In very uncommon circumstances, tinnitus may be regarded as a significant medical problem.  If you are experiencing symptoms that lead you to think that you might have tinnitus, our audiologists can help. 

Oro Valley Audiology offers tinnitus diagnosis and management in Saddlebrook, AZ, and nearby locations.

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