Audiologist Mark Ross once said, “When someone in the family has a hearing loss, the entire family has a hearing problem.” Auditory rehabilitation is important for those with hearing loss and their family members along with close friends.

Auditory rehabilitation is defined as the reduction of hearing-loss-induced deficits of function, activity, participation, and quality of life through a combination of sensory management, instruction, perceptual training, and counseling[1].

Most individuals do not realize that hearing aids are only a piece of the puzzle in treating hearing loss. Hearing aids are extremely beneficial in providing assistance to those with hearing loss and keeping the brain healthy, however, they cannot completely resolve communication issues. There are other necessary steps that will help maximize the benefit of the individual and those around them.

While communication strategies are always discussed with patients at our office during the consultation process, there is not enough time to fully go into detail about the best communication strategies.

Here at Oro Valley Audiology, we offer auditory rehabilitation classes to help those with hearing loss and their loved ones to teach them the most essential information about communicating with individuals who have hearing loss.

‘5 Keys’ for Successful Communication

We teach the ‘5 keys’ for successful communication. Learning about the ‘5 keys’ is a quick and easy way to help both listeners and speakers remember good communication tactics.

The auditory rehabilitation classes are for those with hearing loss and those with which they frequently communicate because communication is a two-way street. Participation in an auditory rehabilitation program makes it easier for those with hearing loss and their loved ones to enhance communication and reduce the stress that hearing loss can create. We explain many tips and tricks that both listeners and speakers can use to effectively communicate.

To learn about the ‘5 keys’ of effective communication and enroll in our auditory rehabilitation classes (which have limited spaces per class) please contact Oro Valley Audiology, Inc by phone: (520) 825-4770 or email: orovalley@hearintucson.wpengine.com.

[1] Boothroyd, A. (2007). Adult Aural Rehabilitation: What Is It and Does It Work? Trends in Amplification, 11(2), 63–71.