February is known for Valentine’s Day but did you know that February 3rd is National Optimist day? Optimism can be described as a reflection of hope and positivity during hard times. Finding optimism during challenging times can be hard, and maintaining positivity can be stressful when facing adversity.

How does one find optimism when given a diagnosis they were not expecting?

Personally, We often try to find the good in all hard situations that we or my patients can not change. We also know that support, after receiving a hearing loss diagnosis, is exactly what Oro Valley Audiology aims to achieve. Supporting and creating a community for those who experience hearing loss and finding positivity during the diagnosis process.

Those who have hearing loss usually find participating in conversations difficult. They may also feel isolated during family events or embarrassed as they ask for conversations to be repeated. Despite these challenges, some people are apprehensive of having their hearing tested, as the hearing loss diagnosis can be overwhelming and raise questions about lifestyle changes.

Despite the fear that may arise with a diagnosis of hearing loss, there is good news. There is something that can be done to help. When working with our audiologists ( Drs. Kim, Huch, Gajewski, Copeland, and Schroeder), appropriate intervention options can be discussed. Depending on the type and severity of hearing loss, one intervention option could be hearing aids.

How do we find optimism in hearing aids?

Hearing aids are not just devices given to you; they are individualized and programmed for you. These devices are not one size fits all, rather programmed to meet your specific needs and goals. Hearing aids come in different styles, colors, and features; to allow the devices to become part of your everyday life. In addition to finding an intervention option that fits you, research has also found that hearing aids are associated with a variety of improvements in your wellbeing.

Hearing aids can improve:
● Communication in relationships
● Self-esteem and confidence in communication
● Ease in communication
● Participating in small and/or group settings
● Combat auditory fatigue and cognitive load
● Promote a sense of control

It’s time to take control over your hearing loss and feel empowered about the intervention process. Along with your audiologist, you can choose which intervention best fits every aspect of your lifestyle.

Intervention options such as hearing aids will overall provide benefits to your life. The best part is you are not alone; Oro Valley Audiology is here for you. Let’s work together to explore and enhance optimism amidst the diagnosis.

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