As summer rolls back around, many people are hitting the road for their next big family vacation or solo trip. Whether you are going somewhere exotic or snowbirding back to your hometown, this is the time of year when people pack up their things and head out on an adventure!

Travel woes are bound to strike every traveler at one point or another. Lost bags, flight delays, and long lines are common issues we have to deal with while we’re traveling. However, if you have hearing loss, traveling can present a whole other set of obstacles.

Preparation is key when you travel. Planning ahead can be SUCH a lifesaver while you’re traveling. In this blog post, we’re going to share our favorite tips to do just that.

Tip #1 – Be More Prepared While Packing

There’s nothing worse than realizing you forgot to pack something you need. Always create a packing list with the items you will need for your hearing aids:

  1. Batteries or charger
  2. Wax traps
  3. Domes (if applicable)
  4. Brush to clean the microphones
  5. An extra case
  6. A hearing aid dryer (if you are going to a more humid environment or are prone to moisture issues)

Also, don’t forget a power adapter for your charger if you are in another country with different outlets. Another helpful tip: pack all of these supplies in your carry-on. If something should happen to your checked baggage, being without your hearing aids could ruin your entire trip!

Tip #2 – Call Ahead to Check Accommodations

If you’re going on any excursions or tours during your vacation, call the facility ahead of time to find out what types of accommodations they have.


Some places will have headsets that work separately from hearing aids. If they are standard headsets, there may be a workaround that we can help you make so the headphones are more compatible with your hearing aids (which may require extra accessories).


A telecoil will allow for a direct scream of the audio into your hearing aids. If they have a telecoil system, check with us to determine if your current aids can have a program to utilize this. If you don’t already have a telecoil program activated, this is something we can help you with.

Always advocate for yourself to ensure you can hear your best and get the most out of your trip!

Tip #3 – Download the Airport App Ahead of Time

There are so many helpful apps out there nowadays. There are apps to show the gates for your next flight, along with maps of the airport. This will prevent you from having to stop and ask anyone for directions, which can be difficult in a noisy airport.

If you do need to speak with someone, let them know ahead of time that you have hearing loss and that you need them to speak clearly. If needed, ask them if they can remove their mask while they speak to you so you can use their facial cues to help with the conversation.

Remember, you can wear your hearing aids while you go through security as well as on an airplane!

Tip #4 – Put Together a Backup Plan (Or Two)

Finally, it’s always important to have a backup plan. Perhaps you have a backup pair of hearing aids. If so, make sure they are working well. If you do not have backup aids, there are personal listening devices, such as a “pocket-talker” that you can get before your trip.

You can also utilize a speech-to-text app on your phone. This app will translate spoken speech into written words on your phone. They can even translate other languages as you speak!

Schedule an Appointment to See Us Before You Leave!

Traveling is a great way to broaden your world and connect with the people you care about. We just want to make sure you’re prepared! Wear your hearing aids, bring your supplies, advocate for yourself, and always have a backup plan in place in case something happens.

If you need help getting set for your next big trip, contact us to set up an appointment with one of our amazing audiologists. We can perform tests on your hearing aids that may catch an issue before you are even aware of it and we can give suggestions regarding assistive technology.

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