Hearing is a fundamental component of human communication. Knowing how to protect and improve your hearing can significantly boost your hearing health.

Normally, the hearing process happens without any conscious effort, similar to how blinking or breathing occurs. Through our ears, the brain can analyze and interpret sounds. Once the hair cells in the ears get damaged or broken, they cannot grow back or regenerate. If you’re wondering how to improve your hearing, we’ve got some basic tips for you to practice daily.

Limit the volume.

Loud noises can be quite distressing to the inner ear. Hearing loss can occur as a result of prolonged exposure to loud noises or recurrent exposure to loud noises. Loud noise can harm the membranes and cells of the cochlea. To decrease the damage done to your hearing, experts suggest keeping sound levels between 60 and 85 decibels. If you are playing music that is around 100 dB in volume, keep your usage to no longer than 15 minutes. Bear in mind that each person’s hearing threshold is unique, so try to keep the volume at a safe level.

Be cautious of earwax buildup.

Although earwax is a bodily excretion that occurs naturally, as the common saying goes, too much of anything may be detrimental. You may encounter hearing issues if your ears overproduce wax. If ear wax is obstructing your ears, you might not be as sensitive to noises as you should be. It would be wise to consult an audiologist if you think that earwax is the cause of your hearing issues. Never attempt to remove earwax using cotton swabs or ear candles as this might lead to more issues. An audiologist can perform professional earwax removal or ear irrigation to relieve you from your earwax woes.

Stay away from Q-tips and ear candles.

Some people find great satisfaction in using cotton swabs to clean their ears. While using a cotton swab to clean the external part of the ear is fine, doing so in the inner ear is another matter entirely. Hearing specialists strongly advise against cleaning the ears with cotton swabs or ear candles. You run the risk of injuring the delicate eardrum or damaging the ear canal.

Use hearing protection.

Loud noise is the most frequent and readily avoidable cause of hearing loss. To prevent ear damage, reduce the listening volume to 60% or below. If your job or favorite hobby exposes you to loud noises, talk to your audiologist about the proper occupational hearing protection. There are various types of hearing protection and custom ear protection that can meet your hearing requirements.

Stay healthy and active.

Exercise is good for both your heart and hearing. It is well known that exercise improves blood flow to the ears. You don’t actually need to engage in very strenuous activities; a little jog or walk may already help increase blood flow. Avoid smoking as well because it puts you at a greater risk of developing hearing loss.

Improve Your Hearing With Audiologists in Tucson, AZ

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