Oro Valley Audiology has a wide selection of hearing aid accessories in Tucson, AZ, to level up or complement your hearing aid experience.

Many people know hearing aids can assist a listener to hear and communicate effectively.  But did you know there can be more to hearing aids than the device on your ear?  We have significant research and patient testimonials showing the positive impact hearing aids can have on one’s life and communication. 

Every hearing aid has optional accessories that can work with your hearing aids to provide additional assistance and communication benefits. 

But did you know there can be more to hearing aids than the device on your ear? 

Hearing aid accessories have the potential to transform good hearing with hearing aids, to excellent hearing with hearing aids. 

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through some of the most common and in-demand hearing aid accessories.

Remote Microphone

Imagine going to the busiest restaurant in town on a Friday evening with your significant other. Or imagine riding in a car with a friend or family member. Or imagine talking in an environment with high ceilings, and significant reverberation of sound. 

Whether you have hearing loss or normal hearing, hearing and communicating in noisy situations can be tricky. Even with perfectly programmed hearing aids, many individuals and hearing aid users report difficulty understanding speech in these environments. These are examples of situations in which a remote microphone can be very beneficial. 

A remote microphone is worn by the speaker as a necklace or clipped onto their clothing. The remote microphone then allows for the speaker’s voice to be transmitted directly to the listener’s hearing aids. 

There are variations of remote microphones, such as table microphones, that are designed to be placed in the middle of the table so all speakers’ voices are directly transmitted to the listener’s hearing aids. 

Remote microphones greatly improve hearing and speech understanding by giving the listener/ individual with hearing aids, direct access to the speaker’s voice. Remote microphones can be used to overcome noisy environments, larger distances, and poor room acoustics.  

Television Streamer

Watching television and movies is a fun pastime, but it can be very frustrating for individuals with hearing loss. Even with hearing aids, hearing and understanding the television can be difficult depending on the program and the acoustics of your environment. 

A television streamer is a device that can plug into your television and transmit the audio directly to your hearing aids. 

There are many benefits to using a television streaming device. Using a television streamer allows the user of hearing aids to overcome poor room acoustics and allows the user to have direct access to the audio, similar to headphones or TV Ears. Using a television streamer also allows the user of hearing aids to have control of their own volume and gives others who are watching their own volume control. 

Remote Control

Many users of hearing aids like to have access to control the volume or program of their hearing aids. Some users may use the buttons of their hearing aids for volume control or program changes as needed. Other users may use an app on their smartphone to control their devices. 

When a user of hearing aids wants control but does not have hearing aid buttons or a smartphone app, they may benefit from obtaining a remote control. The remote control is a handheld remote (much like a television remote) that allows the user to adjust the volume or program of their hearing aids as needed. 

Hearing Aid Accessories in Tucson, AZ

Curious about remote microphones, television streamers, and/or a remote control to use with your hearing aids? 

Oro Valley Audiology has a wide selection of hearing aid accessories in Tucson, AZ.

Contact Oro Valley Audiology to schedule an appointment with one of our audiologists. Our reliable audiology team can discuss your listening needs and determine the best hearing aids or hearing aid accessories for you. 


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