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Optimize your hearing experience with the Click Domes for Signia Rexton Double 10-12mm. Designed for seamless compatibility with Signia and Rexton hearing aids, these click domes provide superior comfort and sound quality. The double-dome design offers a secure and snug fit, ensuring that your hearing aids stay comfortably in place throughout the day.

Each pack contains six click domes, making it convenient to have replacements on hand when needed. The 10-12mm size is ideal for individuals requiring a larger dome for their ear canal, providing enhanced acoustic performance by effectively sealing the ear canal and minimizing feedback. This results in clearer and more natural sound quality, allowing you to engage fully in conversations and enjoy your favorite activities without interruptions.

Made from high-quality, hypoallergenic materials, these domes are designed to be gentle on sensitive skin while maintaining durability and long-lasting performance. The easy-to-use click system allows for quick and effortless dome replacement, ensuring that your hearing aids are always functioning at their best.

Whether you are a new or experienced hearing aid user, the Click Domes for Signia Rexton Double 10-12mm are an essential accessory to keep your hearing aids performing optimally, providing you with the best possible hearing experience.

Please contact your audiologists to confirm the correct dome for your hearing aids prior to purchasing to avoid shipping return fees.