Oticon ProWax Wax Guards (6/pk)


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Maintain peak performance and longevity of your Oticon hearing aids with the Oticon ProWax Wax Guards. Designed to protect your device from earwax and debris, these wax guards ensure crystal-clear sound quality and reliable functionality. Each pack includes six individual guards, providing a lasting supply for regular maintenance.

Oticon’s ProWax system is renowned for its efficiency in preventing wax buildup, which can impair hearing aid performance and cause discomfort. By regularly replacing the wax guards, you can prevent potential damage and costly repairs, ensuring your hearing aids remain in top condition.

Easy to replace, the ProWax guards are compatible with a variety of Oticon hearing aids, offering a versatile solution for many users. Each guard features a fine mesh that effectively blocks wax while allowing sound to pass through unobstructed. This ensures your hearing experience remains clear and natural.

Investing in Oticon ProWax Wax Guards is an essential step in your hearing aid care routine. Simple to use and highly effective, these guards help you maintain optimal hearing aid performance, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted, high-quality sound. Keep your hearing aids clean, clear, and functioning at their best with Oticon ProWax Wax Guards.