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Enhance your hearing experience with Click Sleeves for Signia Rexton Closed Medium, designed to offer exceptional comfort and superior sound quality. These innovative sleeves are crafted to ensure a secure and snug fit, reducing unwanted noise and enhancing sound clarity. Ideal for individuals with moderate to severe hearing loss, these sleeves seamlessly attach to your hearing aids, providing a reliable and comfortable fit.

The closed design effectively minimizes feedback and occlusion, allowing you to enjoy clear and natural sound in various environments. Whether you’re in a crowded restaurant or a quiet room, the Click Sleeves adapt to your surroundings, delivering consistent performance. Made from soft, skin-friendly silicone, these sleeves are gentle on the ears, ensuring long-lasting comfort throughout the day.

Easy to clean and maintain, the Click Sleeves for Signia Rexton Closed Medium are an essential accessory for your hearing aids. Their durable construction ensures they withstand daily wear and tear, providing you with a dependable hearing solution. Upgrade your hearing experience with these high-quality Click Sleeves and enjoy the benefits of enhanced sound clarity and comfort. Perfect for anyone looking to improve their hearing aid performance, these sleeves are a must-have addition to your hearing care routine.

Medium Click sleeves for Signia & Rexton mini-receivers; 6/pck, closed. Also available in small and large.

Please contact your audiologists to confirm the correct dome for your hearing aids prior to purchasing to avoid shipping return fees.