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Enhance your hearing experience with Oticon Domes Power 8mm, designed to provide superior comfort and performance. This 10-pack of power domes is perfect for those who rely on their Oticon hearing aids for clear and powerful sound. Each dome is crafted with precision to ensure a secure fit and optimal sound delivery, making them an essential accessory for maintaining the quality and reliability of your hearing aids.

These power domes are specifically engineered to fit Oticon hearing aids, offering a snug and comfortable fit that minimizes feedback and enhances sound clarity. The 8mm size is ideal for individuals who need a larger dome for a more secure fit. Made from soft, hypoallergenic silicone, these domes are gentle on the skin and can be worn for extended periods without discomfort.

Easy to replace and maintain, the Oticon Domes Power 8mm are designed for convenience and durability. Simply swap out your old domes with these new ones to ensure your hearing aids continue to perform at their best. Keep your hearing aids in top condition and enjoy improved hearing with the reliable performance of Oticon Domes Power 8mm. Purchase this 10-pack today and experience the difference in your hearing quality.


6mm  |  8mm  |  10mm  |  12mm

Please contact your audiologists to confirm the correct dome for your hearing aids prior to purchasing to avoid shipping return fees.