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Enhance your hearing experience with Oticon Domes RITE 12mm, designed for ultimate comfort and superior sound quality. Each pack contains ten domes, ensuring you always have a fresh replacement on hand. These domes are specifically engineered for Receiver-In-The-Ear (RITE) hearing aids, offering a secure and snug fit that prevents feedback and maximizes sound clarity.

Oticon Domes RITE 12mm are crafted from soft, flexible silicone, providing all-day comfort without compromising durability. Their discreet, transparent design ensures they are virtually invisible, allowing you to wear your hearing aids with confidence. The 12mm size is ideal for those who require a slightly larger dome to achieve a better seal and improved acoustic performance.

Maintaining your hearing aids has never been easier with these user-friendly domes. Simply remove the old dome and replace it with a new one for optimal hygiene and performance. Regular replacement helps maintain the effectiveness of your hearing aids, ensuring you enjoy clear, natural sound every day.

Upgrade your hearing experience with Oticon Domes RITE 12mm (10 pk) and experience the perfect blend of comfort, performance, and convenience. Order yours today and enjoy the benefits of enhanced hearing clarity and comfort.


6mm  |  8mm  |  10mm  |  12mm

Please contact your audiologists to confirm the correct dome for your hearing aids prior to purchasing to avoid shipping return fees.